Weekly Gemini Horoscope – Monday, August 24, 2020– Sunday, August 30, 2020

This week, Saturn, Venus and Rahu-Ketu will have inauspicious effects on the Moon. Moon will be afflicted by these 4 planets. Due to this, people with Gemini, Leo, Scorpio and Capricorn can be harmed. There may be interruptions in essential jobs and business. The verdict may prove to be wrong.

Disputes and loss of money will also be made. Apart from these, this week will be mixed for Aries, Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius and Pisces people. Hard work and running will be more, but it can also get some benefit. On the other hand, people with Cancer, Virgo and Aquarius will be saved from the inauspicious position of the stars.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, this week is not good for 4 out of 12 zodiac signs. Time will be normal for 5 zodiac signs. Apart from these, people with 3 zodiac signs will avoid the inauspicious effects of stars.

According to Jyotish acharya Dr. Ajay Bhambi, this week will be something like this for Gemini is

Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Positive :profitable contacts with specific people. Which will add newness to your conceptual style and will also eliminate the anxiety that has been going on for a long time. At this time, financial conditions are also in your favor, take advantage of them.

Negative :Trusting someone too much can also harm you. Breaking some of your expectations may hurt because that person is likely to criticize you in society in vain.

Gemini Weekly Love Horoscope 

life partner will feel unwell so your cooperation in domestic tasks will make them worry free. Spend some time with children too.

Gemini Weekly Career Horoscope 

Do not spend more money in business this week as the chances of loss are high. Maintain transparency in partnership business. A slight misunderstanding can lead to a rift in relationships.

Gemini Weekly Health Horoscope

Health will be good. Excessive busyness can lead to fatigue.

Weekly Horoscope in Hindi (Saptah ka rashifal) – Kamini Khanna

आपकी कुंडली की भविष्यवाणी करने के लिए, एक ज्योतिषी आपकी राशि के आधार पर सूर्य, चंद्रमा और ग्रहों की स्थिति के आधार पर चार्ट बनाता है। ज्योतिषी तब चार्ट बनाने के लिए एक विशेष तालिका का उपयोग करता है जिसे खगोलीय पंचांग कहा जाता है। यह चार्ट ब्रह्मांड में वर्तमान में चल रहे विषयों और ऊर्जा को प्रकट करता है, जिससे वे आपके लिए दैनिक या साप्ताहिक राशिफल लिख सकते हैं।

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