Vastu Tips for Living Room- Give Your Home a Touch of Fortune

Vastu Tips for Living Room- Give Your Home a Touch of Fortune

Vastu Tips for Living Room- Give Your Home a Touch of Fortune – Do you know Vastu Shastra is recommended for your living room too? Certainly, a living room that is based on Vastu Shastra attracts all positive energies such as happiness, wealth, prosperity, etc. The arrival of these positive energies makes your family successful, captivated, and happy. Every house, whether ancient or modern, is a gathering place.

It plays a very important role in every household. Since the living room leads through the entrance or main gate, all energy either positive or negative enters through it. Therefore, the use of Vastu Shastra may be sufficient.

Importance of living room Vastu

The living room is a place where guests are entertained, they need Vastushastra. Not always guests with positive energy come into the house, but guests with negative vibe also come.

Do you know what happens when guests with negative vibes enter the living room? Negative vibes entering the house not only spread throughout the house, but it affects you and your family in negative ways.

Also, negative vibes of guests can affect household members when they are sitting in the living room and interacting with them. Thus, your life can be affected by such negative people if the living room is not according to Vastu Shastra. Therefore, you need to follow some steps to make your living room Vastu flexible.

How can you make your living room Vaastu compliant?

Creating a living room architectural analog involves a two-step process. The first step involves searching for the appropriate location of the drawing-room in your home. For example: Creating a drawing-room position in the north is good for the home, while in the south the drawing-room position is inviting for guests. The second phase includes some tips that you and your family need to follow in order to succeed. Following are the Vastu tips for the living room:

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Some Vastu Tips:

  • It has been suggested to build a living room to the east and north instead of south or west.
  • If you are the type of person who does not want to entertain guests for a long time, then it is also prestigious to build a living room in the northwest direction. This will help you avoid late-night parties and stay together.
  • Are you an atheist? If yes, then we recommend you make one in the north-east because God lives in the north-east of the house.
  • Are you a very social person who likes to talk? If you are this type of person, then the south-west direction is the right place for you. This is because it keeps guests glued to your home for a longer period of time.
  • The floor is required to the slope as well as to the east or north side of the roof of your living area.
  • Also, healthy the door to the north or east brings health, wealth, overall progress, and more.
  • Are you constantly making efforts in the field of education and not getting success? Build your living door entrance to the west and you will become a good scholar and researcher in no time.
  • If you desire development in all likelihood, we suggest you make a gateway to your living area in the northwest.
  • Never think of making an entrance in the south direction because it is inauspicious. It is better to move the entrance to the west.
  • Vastu advises keeping furniture, articles, heavy things, etc. of your living area towards the west or south. If there is no space, place furniture only 1-3 inches in height to the north or north-east.
  • Are you thinking of finding a television in your living area? Place it in South-East Corner instead of South-West Corner otherwise, it will break often.
  • Also, do not locate television in the northwest corner, otherwise, your family will waste too much time only to watch TV.
  • Telephones have been suggested to be in an east, north, or south-east direction instead of south-west or north-west.
  • Similarly, the relevant place for air coolers and air conditioners is west, east, or northwest instead of the south-east.
    We suggest that you paint the walls of your living room in white, blue, light yellow or green instead of red or black.
  • Hang the chandelier to the south or west instead of the center of the living area.
  • Are you thinking of having an aquarium in your living room? Then, we recommend you place it to the east, north, or north-east of the living area.

Vastu Tips for Living Room- Give Your Home a Touch of Fortune – According to Vastu Shastra, the appropriate time to change your living room is now! You will get better development as soon as you start the conversion. We hope the above tips and guidelines will help you make your family life a success. In addition, they will give you a boost to your health and wealth.


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