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India is a country of festivals and fairs. Virtually celebrating every day of the year, more festivals are celebrated in India than anywhere else within the world. Each festival is related to different occasions, some people welcome the season of the year, harvest , rain or full moon. Others celebrate religious occasions, birthdays of celestial beings and saints or the arrival of the New Year. The number of these festivals is common in most parts of India. However, they can be called by different names in different parts of the country or celebrated in a different way. Many other important festivals are celebrated by various communities in India and this section will be further enriched with information about them…

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Astrology is both science, science and art that provide interpretation and influence of stars and planets on humans. It is the only divine science, that helps one to peep into the future. The astrological remedies help to reduce the impact of malefic planetary influences in a person’s natal chart.

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