Transit of Venus in Virgo

Transit of Venus in Virgo

Transit of Venus in Virgo – According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is capable of providing all the pleasures of life, if Venus is strong in the horoscope, then the person gets the happiness of a big house vehicle, servants, etc. His life progresses. There is a charm in his personality and people are drawn towards him.

Such a person manages to win the heart of all, and on the basis of that, he gets progress in life. Conversely, if Venus is low or weak, it deprives the native of these pleasures in his life. And physical debility, delay in marriage, slander from secret relationships, urinary diseases, and failure in love matters. Due to the high zodiac sign of Venus, that person’s tendency towards enjoyment and luxury is higher than others.

Such individuals mostly like to live a life indulging in the fun. Love hangs in the lives of such people and indulgence and luxury become their kind of hobby. Venus is a factor of beauty, there is a strange door on the face of the affected person, which can be easily identified.

Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra, it is the higher sign in Pisces and the lower sign in Virgo. In which sense the planet Venus is sitting, it matters a lot. Venus stays in any zodiac for about 24 days, so according to the amount of time Venus stays in any zodiac, the person’s future is also affected.

Venus affects love and happiness. Therefore every activity of Venus is very important. This planet has a special effect on our life, Venus planet will transit in Virgo on 23 October 2020, Friday morning at 10.34 am and on November 17, 2020, Tuesday at 12:00 pm, it will leave Virgo. Will enter

During this time, all the zodiac signs are going to be affected by the transit of Venus, according to astrology, we know that due to the change in the Virgo zodiac sign of Venus, which one may have to benefit if any.


Transit of Venus in Virgo – For the people of Aries, Venus will transit in the sixth house from your zodiac sign. Venus can not be said to be more favorable than going to the place of disease in its low zodiac sign, so during this time you may face physical problems. You may face many troubles due to health problems.

With this, your income can also decline. That is, your expenses will also increase and your income will also decrease, due to which the financial situation will be weak. During this transit, your opponents will also stand firm against you.

They will try their best to spoil your image, so you have to be a little careful too. Do not waste any kind of time in the debate because it will not benefit you but can cause harm. Stay away from opponents. You may also feel a change in your health. There can also be ups and downs in the lives of married people. It would be better to resolve the problem through dialogue than by raising the dispute.

Remedy- Serve red-colored cow.

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For Taurus people, Shukra Deva will transit through your horoscope in the fifth house. In this sense, children, creativity, intellectual ability, and education of the person are considered. This transit will be beneficial for you.

Especially those who are appearing in any kind of examination or are giving interview somewhere, then they are likely to get success. Married natives who wish to have children may not get the expected results at this time or will have to make extra efforts. Romantic life is also expected to be pleasant at this time.

On the field, you will get many opportunities to earn money as well as progress. However, while Venus will intermittently give you laziness, you will feel a slight delay in getting better results during this transit. And even an unknown fear can haunt you.

Remedy- Offer Kheer to Goddess Lakshmi on Friday.


For Gemini people, Shukra Dev will transit through your zodiac in the fourth house. From the fourth house of horoscope, the happiness of the person, mother, movable and immovable property, and popularity of the person are considered. You may also have to go through mental stress at this time.

If you are willing to make a big purchase in a house, vehicle, or other, then do not show any haste nor take any important decision at this time. It will be better if you maintain good relations with your children. You will not get the full result of efforts and your efficiency in the office may also be questioned.

Relaxation will come in love relationships. There will be a lack of energy in your speech. You have to continue your efforts to the fullest. You have to work hard to fulfill your aspirations and in the field of competitive examination, this movement is pointing you to work harder.

Remedy- Give any gift to sister and aunt, and have a good relationship with them.


For people with Cancer zodiac, Shukra Dev will transit through your zodiac in the third house. In this sense, one’s courage, enthusiasm, willpower, and younger siblings are considered. But during this transit, your efficiency in your field will not remain as good because basically, your mind will not remain concentrated.

You should not make any major decisions regarding your money right now nor should you buy any new item. You may have some mental stress due to your mother’s poor health. In such a situation, take care of them.

People of this amount associated with the business can earn a profit on the basis of their skills. This transit of Venus will also be good for the students of this zodiac, you will like to spend more and more time between books and will also be able to understand difficult topics.

Remedy- Wearing two Mukhi Rudraksha will result in inauspicious results.

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For the Leo sign, Shukra Dev will transcend your zodiac sign in the second house. In this sense, a person’s family, his voice, elementary education and wealth, etc. are considered. The natives of the job may face many ups and downs in the field at this time.

There is a possibility that you may be given some work that you would be less interested in doing. For this reason, you will appear dissatisfied with your work. During this time, you may also have differences with your superiors. So in every situation, not only keep yourself calm but do not take any decision in haste.

During this time, you may also face a dispute regarding the ancestral property. At this time differences are expected to increase with family members. To get out of a bad situation, you will need to spend your money according to the right strategy and the right plan, otherwise, there may be financial constraints later. During this time, do not do any kind of transaction related to money.

Remedy – Read Aditya Hridaya Source.


For the Virgo zodiac, Shukra Dev will transit in your zodiac sign. Venus in your ascendant will be in your low zodiac during this transit, due to which mixed results will be obtained. During this transit your mood will be distracted, there will be a lot of bad thoughts in the mind and they can also be related to sports.

Your mind may be more attracted to one of your female friends and you can also expect unethical acts from her. These are all fruitful things, so controlling your mind is best for you.

Work-condition is to be normal, family life may face mental stress and suffering. The disputed situation will occur with spouses. There can be sourness in love relationships, but you should be patient. Be careful while investing money.

Remedy- Worship Lord Ganesha, and offer Druva and Modak to him.

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For those in the Libra zodiac, Shukra Deva will transit through your zodiac in the twelfth house. This price is also a variety of expenses and losses, but Venus, by staying in this house, gives you different kinds of comforts and facilities, which also increase your expenses.

On the other hand, it also provides you so much income that you can easily bear these expenses. But during this transit, Venus is in a low state. Due to which you may have to face loss in many areas.

Don’t expect much from friends at this time, as they may leave you when the time comes. You should walk with more confidence in your self-confidence and labor. He/She will not be able to enjoy married life because of your own acts. You will not get complete peace through your efforts, there will definitely be some deficiency.

Remedy- wear a garland of rhinestones.


For Scorpio people, Venus will transit in the eleventh house from your zodiac sign. Benefits of this sense, all kinds of achievements in life, friends, elder brothers, and sisters, etc. are considered.

During this transit, the conditions of money gain are being created. But there are also strong signs that you spend money on fun. You may not be able to work with concentration at this time. You may also have to travel commercially.

It is possible that you may have more distractions at this time, if you keep the reins of your horse in your hand, it will be better. This time is not favorable for court cases, so it is better to avoid them. Your health may suffer during this time, so you should pay special attention to your health.

Remedy – Read Hanuman Chalisa daily.


For Sagittarius people, Venus will transit through your zodiac sign in the tenth house. During this transit you will not get the desired results in your field.

During this transit, you will feel dissatisfied with every task. Your enemies will remain active and you will appear a little confused about your abilities. Work-life may also face obstacles. Expenses are also a sign of increasing.

You may get some disappointment even in love relationships. You will not be able to satisfy even the people of the house and in that context also this transit will not prove to be so auspicious for you.

Remedy- Go to any temple and donate pure ghee of cow.


For Capricorn people, Shukra Dev will transit through your zodiac in the 9th house. Your efforts in this transit will increase your fortune.

And colleagues working with you will also give you full support in your work, which will compliment your work. During this period, your respect will increase and you will be socially established. Your younger siblings will get good benefits from this transit and they too will progress during this time.

In the course of business, during this time you will get pleasant results and you will also do something for your siblings, which will be helpful in taking them forward. In this transitional period, you will move towards improving your personality. You will spend more time and money on yourself so that you can show yourself better. Some people may have a feeling of euphoria, which will prove harmful to them.

Remedy- It will be good to have Durga Saptashati duly recited,


For those in the Aquarius sign, Shukra Deva will transcend your eighth house.

During this transit, the people of Aquarius will get mixed results. There will be ups and downs in your workplace. Work will have an adverse effect on your work as well as your married life will not have a good effect. You may also have any disease related to genitals, which will not be more serious in nature and will be cured by general medicine.

Your enemies can harm you. During this time, negative thinking will dominate you, so that you can also think about leaving your job. Therefore, keep the mind calm, and do every task thoughtfully.

Remedy- feed sugar to black ants.


For Pisces people, Venus will transit in the seventh house from your zodiac sign. The presence of lowly Venus in the seventh house may be the reason for dissatisfaction in your married life. Even for unmarried lovers, this time is not likely to be good. At this time you may face difficulty in taking any important decision.

Enemies can also bother you. Your mood will remain distracted and your focus will not remain concentrated. Before going on a long journey, consider it well that it is really necessary that you do not, otherwise you do not see a good result.

There may be some disappointment from the child side too. You may have some problems during this transit in terms of health. You may have a stomach or urinary disorder, so it is better to take special care of your health.

Remedy – Offer Tulsi letter to Lord Vishnu.

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