Saturn and Ketu Yuti – Effects in Dwads Bhavas

Saturn and Ketu Yuti - Effects in Dwads Bhavas

Planet Saturn is a factor of hard work, career, growth, and will. Whereas, Ketu motivates the Jataka to accept solitude. When these two completely opposite planets come together, the native has a constant illusion. They find themselves unable to choose between materialistic and spiritual life. However, the combination of Shani and Ketu represents certain qualities in the native. For example, they adopt the quality of Saturn such as prudent, responsible, hard-working.
Both Saturn and Ketu are givers of despair, might, resentment, denial, procrastination. When they make a combination in a horoscope, they can experience pain in life. Excessive introverted behavior, constant denial, dissatisfaction, self-imprisonment, and confusion are some of the major effects of combining Saturn and Ketu in the horoscope.

Saturn and Ketu together in the first house.

  • Shani signifies a strict, serious, and judgmental nature. Whereas, Ketu represents solitude and imprisonment. The first or ascendant house of the horoscope reflects your outer form, ego, temperament, confidence, and self-expression. In this house, due to the combination of Shani and Ketu, one assumes the personality of a recluse.
  • This feeling also rules your strength, feeling of strength, weakness, childhood, attitude, opinion, and ideology. Thus, the person is a person of a serious nature, likes solitude, and does not like to include others in his life.
  • In this sense, Shani-Ketu Yuti gives the person better thinking as the person thinks for the betterment of everyone, and prefers a spiritual life. Such people can be involved in spiritual practices.
  • Such a person’s childhood does not include more happy memories. They maintain boundaries and only negotiate when important.
  • The first sense is also a symbol of stamina, respect, health, and fame. Despite the hard work inspired by the energy of Saturn, Jataka is not known for fame by combining Saturn and Ketu. They do not have peace of mind and stamina.

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Saturn and Ketu in 2nd house.

  • The second house of the horoscope signifies wealth. It is also called money sentiment. This house rules over your income, assets, money, monetary gains, vehicles, and non-material things.
  • Thus, two identical and slow planets join together and form two different natures. Consequently, the native does not have the seriousness to earn money. They do not live for the purpose of earning and collecting money.
  • Along with this, the second house also symbolizes the way of communication and speaking. In this sense, the native does not keep a sweet voice due to being with Saturn and Ketu. They always speak harsh words and hurt other people’s feelings. Therefore, whether they want it or not, they are forced to be alone in their lives.
  • Apart from this, such natives are not able to save money either. They are unable to save for future needs. He wants to give up the physical life but at the same time, he also keeps going at the rate of being lost. Thus, he is always worried.
  • This gesture represents a person’s teeth, tongue, eyes, mouth, nose, bones, neck. The combination of Shani and Ketu in the second house causes serious eye problems.

Saturn and Ketu in 3rd.

  • The third house of the horoscope represents the mindset. It owns learning abilities, skills, and abilities of work. In addition, it controls your habits, interests, siblings, intelligence, communication, and communication mediums.
  • In the third house, the combination of Shani and Ketu forces the natives to create distance in relation to their siblings. Thus, the native prefers a proper distance from his siblings and does not share a loving relationship with them.
  • Furthermore, this sentiment represents strength and valor, here Ketu does not allow the native to project any kind of strength in front of people. They do not want to come forward and face problems if needed.
  • This planetary position prevents the native from taking any bold decisions and making difficult choices. They do not want to face their problems and run away from problems.
  • Such people lack the courage to do something better with their lives.

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Saturn and Ketu in 4th house.

  • The fourth house signifies your wealth, land. This feeling controls your happiness, your roots, your relationship with your mother, real estate, vehicles, and domestic happiness. It is also called Bandhu Bhava.
  • Saturn and Ketu in the fourth house mean the destruction of many important aspects of life. For example, it draws the person away from interest in domestic pleasures, property, and wealth.
  • In this sense, Saturn and Ketu excite the Yuti Jataka to give up domestic life altogether. They want to wander and be alone. They do not let anyone stay with them.
  • Significantly, people with such planetary status also stay away from their mother and do not participate in family matters.
  • People with such a combination in the horoscope do not take care of their inherited wealth.

Saturn and Ketu in the fifth house.

  • The 5th house is a symbol of fickleness, joy, happiness. This dominion is owned by love, romance, sex, pleasure, creativity, and intelligence. This house is also called Putra Bhava. All aspects related to love life and bliss fall within the realm of the 5th bhava.
  • Ketu also indicates self-undoing. Thus, the conjunction of Saturn and Ketu in the fifth house is very negative.
  • This sentiment also signifies children. Thus, due to this condition the native faces difficulties in terms of childbirth. They may experience excessive delays in terms of children due to Saturn. While Ketu may incite them to relinquish worldly fascination.
  • In addition, the 5th house is related to the heart, stomach, upper and middle back, spine, and pancreas. Due to the combination of Saturn and Ketu, one may experience delays in brain development. Additionally, a person may suffer from diseases such as heart diseases, abdominal pain, and back.

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Saturn and Ketu in the Sixth house.

  • The 6th house signifies health, welfare, daily routine, debt, enemy. This sentiment is also called saw. Here, saws mean enemy. This sentiment also rules over difficulties, obstacles.
  • Ketu also denotes hidden things. While Saturn signifies growth. Therefore, this combination in the 6th house increases the number of enemies of the native over time. They can make enemies very fast in whatever they can do.
  • This sense is also dominated by illness, accidents, injuries, rivalry, maternal relations, lower abdomen, bowel, and operation. Thus, due to Ketu, the natives can create a boundary in the relationship and surrender to diseases.
  • Due to this condition, the person is very likely to suffer from terrible accidents, injuries, and surgeries.

Saturn and Ketu in the seventh house.

  • Saturn and Ketu Yuti – Effects in Dwads Bhavas, All types of partnerships/partnerships, companionship, and relationships come under the rule of the 7th house. It is the emotion that defines your relationship with your partner and their intentions towards your feelings. It also tells about your passion, marriage, and affair.
  • Saturn is a slow planet. Therefore, in the horoscope, it is the major cause of delay in marriage. This planetary position can cause a significant hindrance to the person and delay in marriage when another slow-paced planet is located in a horoscope with Ketu.
  • The conjunction of Shani and Ketu in the 7th house can spoil your relationship with your partner and can rapidly ruin friendship or companionship.
  • The natives of such planets fail to make fruitful venture with any partner. They have to walk alone whether they want it or not. Especially in careers, they never win with people. They have to struggle alone.

Saturn and Ketu in the eighth house.

  • Your death, longevity, and sudden events define the eighth house. It is also called Random Bhava. Incidents like sudden profit, lottery, sudden loss are also a part of the 8th house. It is also a sense of mysteries, discoveries, and changes.
  • According to expert astrologers, the combination of Saturn and Ketu in the eighth house is the most fatal situation. It may cause sudden death or incurable disease.
  • It can also result in quick accidents and serious injuries. Thus, it is the worst case in terms of health and life span.
  • This sense also refers to the benefit of inherited property. However, Ketu encourages abandonment and renounces profit. Thus, the native will not accept or appreciate the benefit.
  • Due to this planetary coincidence, the native will face obstacles, disease, and struggle with life.

Saturn and Ketu in the 9th house.

  • Saturn and Ketu Yuti – Effects in Dwads Bhavas, The ninth house represents truth, principles, inclination towards good works, charity. It is also known as Dharma Bhava. This house controls your education, ethics, higher studies, immigration, religious leanings.
  • Here, Shani and Ketu spoil Yuti Jataka’s relationship with his father. This leads him to abandon his father and pursue religious traditions, worship.
  • Due to this planetary combination, the native runs away from all his responsibilities and takes the path of spiritual education. Such a person is honestly involved in religious activities.
  • Due to this planetary position, the person is deeply interested in charity, good works, other services, social services, and spiritual practices. They do not understand the rules of the materialistic world.

Shani and Ketu tenth house.

  • Your career, profession, success, failure all come under the tenth house. This house is also known as Karma Bhava. It controls the area of ​​your reputation, designation, conquest, authority, reputation, and occupation.
  • The combination of Saturn and Ketu in the 10th house destroys the energy and power of your career house. As these are both obstructive and slow moving planets, they create many obstacles in your path.
  • With such a combination the native never succeeds in any kind of business or enterprise whether he is alone or a partner.
  • On the other hand, the native finds himself unable to make a choice. They constantly struggle. Also, they lack concentration. No matter how much they try, they cannot concentrate on anything. Thus, eventually, they fail to do something worthy of their lives.
  • Here, Shani and Ketu form the Mahadasha which hinders the natives to achieve success. In the 10th house, Yuti ends the native’s career.

Saturn and Ketu in Eleven.

  • Saturn and Ketu Yuti – Effects in Dwads Bhavas, The eleventh house is also called the profit sense. This gesture controls profit, wealth, income, name, fame, and monetary benefits. It also dominates your social circle, friends, well-wishers, elder brothers, and acquaintances.
  • In this sense, the combination of Shani and Ketu destroys all sources of income. Here, both these planets are the cause of the complete apocalypse in the origin of wealth.
  • With this, the native finds it difficult to obtain and settle a proper source of income. Gradually, the lack of funds makes their life difficult.
  • Ketu is a planet that influences to renounce wealth, the native renounces materialistic desires, he gradually gets away from worldly desires. Even if they have a family, they leave everything behind.

Saturn and Ketu are in the Dwadashi.

  • The 12th house signifies the end. This coincides with the last zodiac sign of the zodiac. Therefore, this gesture represents the end of the worldly journey and the beginning of the spiritual journey.
  • This sentiment also signifies sleep, imprisonment, loss, and isolation. Therefore, Shani and Ketu increase the chances of separation of the native from friends and family. They may have to suffer big losses.
  • Increases spending in the 12th house. It can be difficult for the natives to manage his budget and balance his monetary flow.
  • Gradually, the financial problems of the natives become the most important subject of his life.


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