Nadi Dosha: Effects in Kundli Milan and Its Remedies

Nadi Dosh: Kundali Milan Aur Uske Upachaar Mein Prabhaav

Nandi is one of 8 tests in horoscope matching or horoscope matching process. Nadi code is the most important examination which has the highest marks i.e. 8 marks. The test assesses and matches the health compatibility of the proposed partners. The Nadi  of the proposed pair should not be the same. If it is the same, the result is known as a Nadi Dosh.

The nadi dosh is detected during horoscope matching. Horoscope matching is done to ensure that the proposed nadi dosha effects in marriage will be a happy and successful one. In addition, we have explained the Nadi Dosh and its solutions in details.

Nadi Dosha – What is Nadi Dosh? (Nadi Dosh Kya Hai)

To understand the Nadi Dosh we need to know what is the Nadi  in astrology. In Vedic astrology, the Nadi is one of the 8 aspects or codes that coincide during horoscope matching. Each code carries a certain number. Nadi scored 8 points in Guni Milan which is the highest.

Varna, Gana, Yoni, Vaishya, Maitri, Tara, and Bhukut are other aspects or codes. Therefore, the Nadi has significance in horoscope matching. There are 3 different types of Nadi – Adinadi, Middle Nadi, and Antyanadi. Therefore, if the boy has Aden Adi, the girl should be accompanied by Antanadi or Mid-day.

Having consecutive lines after marriage? Or are those minor skirmishes often turned into heated arguments? If this sounds familiar, you may need the help of an expert astrologer to find out if there is a Nadi Dosh in your horoscope/horoscope. The time and day of birth of a person determine the birth constellation or constellation. Each nakshatra is divided into three nadis in Vedic astrology:

  • Addicted Nadi
  • Middle Nadi
  • Differential NAdi

Nadi is one of the eight aspects known as ‘known Ashtakutas’, which is considered in Vedic astrology for und horoscope matching-compatibility analysis ’. Each of the eight facets is given a number or gun and there are 36 guns in total, of which 8 guns are credited to the Nadi. Nadi has maximum guns and is therefore very important when it comes to match making.If the partners belong to different nadis, then they get the full eight digits otherwise they become zero and are declared as doshas.

We are all aware of the fact that all are drawn like poles and attract each other opposite the poles’, and the same happens when two people, who belong to the same Nadi, marry each other. In such a case, both partners will usually have the same tendency. For example, both can have a fierce temper and this can lead to a tense relationship because they both have a tendency to argue which can lead to major conflicts.

If a nadi dosha is found after horoscope matching, the couple is usually not allowed to go ahead with their nadi dosha effects in marriage . Nadi dosha can cause friction and turmoil between the couple and in most extreme cases it can even lead to divorce. It can also cause illnesses and accidents for the couple. However, there are some exceptions such as the couple’s constellation being different, which leads to the cancellation of this defect.

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It is also seen as an exception if both have the same nakshatra but different zodiac signs. If both partners have strong ties then there will be no loss due to Nadi Dosh. If both have the same ascension and the ascending lord is also in a good position, it will not cause trouble. If the fifth house, the seventh house and the lord of Jupiter and Venus are in a good state, then Nadi Dosha should also not be taken care of.

Nadi is one of those eight guns that are used to calculate compatibility with your partner. There are a total of 36 points of which Nadi has maximum marks. if. Now if there is a conflict between two persons Nadi; Then they have to fall victim to Nadi Dosh.

If the horoscope of the bride and groom does not have the middle Nadi Dosha. The eight points that occur during property matching are also called Koot or Ashtakoot. These eight codes are varna, vasa, tara, vagina, planetary friendship, gana, bhakuta and nadi. There are three types of Nadi- Arya Nadi, Middle Nadi and Antya Nadi. Each person’s birth chart indicates the presence of the moon in a particular constellation of that person’s Nadi. Out of the total 27 Nakshatras, Nine is one of the nadis of the natives due to the presence of the Moon in particular Nakshatras.

Types of Nadi ( Nadi ke prakaar)

Check the group you fall into according to your constellations.

  • Adi or Vata – Ashwini, Adra, Punsavasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Jyeshtha, Mooli, Shatabhisha, Purva Bhadrapada
  • Middle or Pitta – Bharani, Mrigashira, Pushyami, Purva Phalguni, Chitra, Anuradha, Purvashada, Dhanistha, Uttara Bhadrapada
  • Antya or Kapa – Kritika, Rohini, Aashlesha, Magha, Swati, Visakha, Uttarashada, Shravani, Revathi

The nadi dosh of the follicle is never seen. If it is of the same type, then the child’s bourne will be brought to the Unethli or Abnumal.

Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja Mantra Japa and Yajna

Nadi dosha is a very serious defect that causes many problems in married life. Nadi dosha can be detected through matching the horoscopes of two potential partners for marriage. This is when the nadi (or nadi) of the two proposed partners will be the same. According to Vedic or Hindu astrology, the Nadi (or Nadi) is one of the 8th broad aspects or codes, which are essentially checked and analyzed for the purpose of deciding an ideal match for nadi dosha effects in marriage. All these eight knots of horoscope union have a total of 36 guns or dots and the Nadi code is given 8 points, the maximum number of points given to any of these eight codes of horoscope matching.

Nadi Dosh describes the great importance of deciding a match for a happy married life. Originally, horoscope matching is examining and analyzing the mental, physical, and financial compatibility of the two proposed partners for nadi dosha effects in marriage. Generally for happy and prosperous marital life, both should have different Nadi.

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What Happens if Nadi Dosha Occurs? (Nadi Dosha Hone see kya Hota hai)

According to Vedic astrology, there are three basic types of nadis which are the Aadi (or first) nadi, the middle (or middle) nadi, and the Antara / Antya (or last) nadi. According to the ancient and well-investigated Indian medicinal system of Ayurveda, all these rivers represent the three basic qualities or Prakritas of Vata, Peeta and Kapa respectively. It is believed that the same Nadi of both spouses can create distance between them. While different rivers among them can establish immense attraction and attraction between husband and wife.

– Lack of love and attraction between husband and wife
– Some health problems to one of the two partners
– Disturbance or discord in married life
– Birth of physically / mentally weak children
– Chances of infertility

Nadi Dosha Exceptions (Nadi Dosh Niyam Ke Apavaad)

  • If the constellation of male and female of the same sign is different, then that Nadi Dosha is canceled.
  • If two persons have the same constellation but different zodiac; Even then it is considered to be a Nadi Dosh exception.

Among Brahmins and Vaishyas, Nadi Dosh is considered as important as Mangal Dosh. If it is present in a horoscope, most astrologers will not call that marriage direct because the next generation will be weak or likely to have no children at all. But according to some other astrologers, this couplet is not so important to check whether the couple will have strong children, also depends on other factors such as the situation in the fifth house and so on.

Effects of Nadi Dosha (Nadi Dosha Ki Prabhav)

  • The next generation will be unwell or abnormal. Not likely to have children at all.
  • Problems in their marital life. In particular, health problems.
  • Such a marital relationship does not last long.
  • The couple may have to face a bad accident. They have to face many kinds of suffering.

Impacts of Nadi Dosh on Kundali Matching Report(Nadi Dosh ka Kundali Milan Me Prabhav)

What exactly happens when there is a nadi dosh in horoscope matching. If the boy and girl have the same Nadi, it is not considered good.Kundali Matching Report

There may be the following consequences of having the same Nadi or nadi dosh in a marriage.

  • A married couple may face health problems
  • Marital life can be full of controversies
  • May cause infertility
  • The couple may have child-related or childbirth problems
  • The couple may feel a lack of love and attraction in their relationship

In short, couples with nadi dosha may face health-related issues in the future. Either one or both spouses may have health issues.

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Remedies for Nadi Dosha (Nadi Dosha ke Upay)

Astrology not only diagnoses problems in the horoscope, but also recommends solutions. Our astrologer Anil Bhargava has provided successful solutions to the nadi dosh. Here, there are nadi dosha remedies for nadi dosh problem. Many parents or proposed couples go to astrologers to overcome the Nadi Maha Dosh. There are several measures like chanting mantras to reduce the side effects of nadidosha.

  • Nadi dosha is worshiped with both the bride and groom. In this puja you should chant one and a half lakh Mahamrityunjaya mantras.
  • On the first day of worship, 5 to 7 Brahmins, worshipers, worship Lord Shiva by sitting together in a house of worship or a temple.
  • After worshiping the Shiva family, the chief Panditji became his assistant.
  • After this, you should perform havan in the appointed time. And donations are made according to the consultation of astrologers.
  • Generally, if there is a Nadi Dosh in the bride’s bride’s horoscope, it is advisable not to marry. But in some circumstances, this defect can be resolved by taking necessary measures. For this, cow should be donated to Brahmin.
  • Donation of gold to a Brahmin.
  • Donating food equal to your weight on your birthday.
  • According to the Piyush clause, if a person has a Nadi Dosha in his marriage, he should donate gold, donate clothes, donate food.
  • Drawing the shape of a snake with gold; Worship it with proper rituals and chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra removes nadi dosh.
  • Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra recommended by an astrologer
  • Using or wearing a special gem
  • Using the special mantra prescribed by a specific astrologer
  • Performing Nadi Dosha Prevention worship or rituals
  • Donating to needy families
  • Donate grains and clothes to Brahmins

However, consult an experienced astrologer for the implementation of the treatment of Nadi dosh. While doing the remedy follow the instructions of the astrologer.

Nadi Dosha Cancellation (Nadi Dosha Niraakaran)

Apart from Gauna enumeration, astrology has special rules that rule out doshas. Nadidosh occurs when both the boy and the girl share the same Nadi. However, the Nadi dosha is considered to be canceled using different methods.

  • If both the boy and the girl are part of the same zodiac but are born in a different constellation, then the Nadi dosha is canceled.
  • If both spouses are born in the same constellation but have different zodiac signs
  • If the spouse is born in the same nakshatra but has different bards, then the nadi dosha cancellation.
  • Apart from the above, there are other constellation and horoscope positions that cancel the Nadi dosha. The cancellation of Nadi
  • Dosha means that despite being the same, it will not affect married life due to special horoscope conditions.

Nadi dosha is determined by examining the Nadi of the boy and girl. But there are exceptions and this requires a detailed analysis of the proposed pair of horoscopes. Apart from Nadi Dosha, there are Gandosha, Bhaktadosha, and another Dosha. A learned astrologer can suggest nadi dosha remedies to resolve such adverse situations. Consult only a well-known and learned Nadi dosha astrologer to analyze dosh and get effective treatment.

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How to Remove Nadi Maha Dosh ? (Nadi Dosh Ko Kese Door Kare)

Here are some of the most common, popular and highly effective nadi dosha remedies for removing Nadi Dosha.

– Conducting Nadi Dosha Nivaran Puja Mantra and chanting Yajna.
– Use of corrective / therapeutic gemstones or astrological instruments.
– Chanting of Mahamrityunjaya Mantra for the prescribed number.
– Donate food grains, clothes, cows etc. to needy and poor people and Brahmin families.
– Marriage of the first proposed girl to Lord Vishnu and then to her intended husband.
-Adopt a lifestyle of peace, generosity and cooperation in married life.

Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja by Shaligram Shala (Shaligram Shala Dwara Nibaran Puja)

Nadi Dosh Nivaran Puja Mantra Chanting and Yajna of Shaligram Shala includes Kalash Establishment, Panchang Stapna (Gauri Ganesha, Punyukta, Shodash Matrika, Navagraha, Sarvatobhadra), Shatarpal Pujan, 64 Yogini Pujan, Swastan, Swasti, Swasti Reading. Worship and consecration, invocation of major deities in the Kalash, chanting of mantras, yajna, homa, aarti and wreaths.

How You ensure that puja is really done for you or not?(Kaise Sunishchit Karta Hai Ki Pooja Vaastav Mein Aapake Lie Kie Gaye Hai Ya Nahin)

  • Our Expert Astrologer takes a resolution on behalf of the devotee before starting the puja, either adding the devotee on WhatsApp or the recorded resolution is sent to the devotee by WhatsApp after taking the pledge, but the puja still continues is.
  • Devotees can also connect to us via Skype or WhatsApp to listen to the resolution (devotees will have to send your Skype ID or WhatsApp number at the time of booking the Puja).
  • Short video clipping of Abhishekam of main deity (or head deity) will be sent to you on WhatsApp while the puja is still going on.
  • Video clipping of mantras chanted by priests will be sent during the rituals of worship.
  • Video clippings of the yagna being performed will also be sent to you while the yagna is in progress.
  • Video clipping of the fire pattern will be sent to your WhatsApp, which will emerge while performing the yagna. These fire models are indicative of how good the worship has been overall. In the fire pattern of the yajna, we can clearly see how the gods are taking the offerings of the yajna.
  • Short video clipping of Aarti will be sent to you after the Yagya is over.
  • The blessings (blessings) of the pandits will be sent at the end of the puja and the prasad will be distributed thereafter.

How you ensure that the correct number of Japas is being really done by the priests for you or not?

Shaligram Shala Puja and Yajna services ensure that each priest takes a resolution before starting the puja with betel nuts, betel nuts, flowers and small qt. of rice. Since all our priests are trained by Kashi and take the initiative, once they are personally resolved, they are allegedly obliged to complete the chant positively. In the case of worship in most other websites, usually all pundits refrain from taking such resolutions and there is a strong possibility that they do not fulfill the stated chant. Therefore the positive effect of worship will not be experienced by the devotee.

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