Know Your Cheating Index | Tarot test

Apne dhoka suchkank ko jaane

Liars do not have a Pinocchio’s long nose on their faces so easy to distinguish. Some people cheat for money and some people cheat for fun. Let’s do a test to Know Your Cheating Index

  • Select 1 card from these 4 cards.
  • Take three deep breaths.
  • Then go down to see the corresponding explanation.

Know Your Cheating Index

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Card – A – Demon : Cheating index “40 points”

Know Your Cheating Index – You are accustomed to doing things more casually, not reluctantly or deliberately, and believe in fate, because something or the relationship that someone meets will be more trusted, such as a partner in a common interest cooperative relationship, or a friend of a friend, this way the relationship is easy to be taken lightly.

You are not stupid, even clever, just because goodness chooses to believe that if someone wants to deceive you deliberately, you can still deceive you.

Cardi – B – The Hanged Man: Cheating index “70 points”

Do what you want, as long as you really like what you do, and the people you really like are very willing to pay. This type belongs to the type of being sold and willing to give money to the number of people. Especially in terms of feelings, it is a devoted personality.

As long as people like you and don’t need you to speak, they can’t talk about cheating. they willing to give you everything they have. As long as the heart is moved, the eyes are all the other party, and all self-protection consciousness is thrown away.

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Card – C – Fool : Cheating index “90 points”

From small to large, they are pure personalities. This kind of pureness can be felt by everyone around you, except when you can’t feel it. Someone is vaguely protecting you, a family member, or a close friend. You treat people with sincerity, don’t play tricks, and even have some idealism.

As long as you draw a beautiful blueprint, if you can’t find a reason to question, you generally assume that you believe. Don’t rush out of your heart when you are in trouble. Discuss.

Card – D – Four Of Cups: Cheating index “15 points”

It’s hard to deceive you because of your own life-threatening principles because you can’t listen to what others say. You have a long digestion time and will make your own judgment. It is just a type that has been bitten by snakes for ten years and is afraid of grass ropes.

As long as it has been created in the past, it will not be forgotten in life. Therefore, in interpersonal relationships, your prudence will protect yourself subconsciously, even worse. Those who have been killed are delusional.

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