Know how auspicious for Mercury retrograde in Libra?

Know how auspicious for Mercury retrograde in Libra?

Know how auspicious for Mercury retrograde in Libra – Bent through retrograde Mercury amount some results for all funds coming in is going to come from. As you know that in Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered to be a factor of intelligence, knowledge, and business, as well as it is also considered as a factor of speech.

It is said that if speech is melodious, then anything can be done and achieved by anyone, but if speech is harsh, anything and no matter how good it is done to someone, all remain fruitless. Therefore, we are giving information about how it will be for all twelve zodiac signs when Mercury is retrograde.


Mercury retrograde is not going to be very special for Aries people. On the contrary, it is going to bring trouble to you. Talking about your family relationship is likely to cause tension. Be generous with family members. This change is also not good for career and business. Be cautious about work and business. Avoid taking loans and giving. Also, do not make business decisions.


Panditji says that the retrograde Mercury for Taurus sign is not giving the right sign for health. At this time, you should be aware of your health. But talk about students and people related to education, then it is going to be a good time for them. You are more likely to succeed this time. Talk about family and love, time will be full of ups and downs. You should keep pace with your partner. Use caution when spending money. Avoid giving loans.


Mercury retrograde is going to be auspicious for Gemini people. Will be good for many aspects of your life including business, money, family, children, education. You will succeed in all your tasks. Time will also be good for love. The ongoing dispute with the partner will end. You should try it a little bit. You can get stopped money. This is very likely.

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Mercury retrograde will be good for you Cancerians in any aspect. As it will give good results for your career and business, you can get an edge in this field. But you will also have to do some hard work for this. This time will also be suitable for those who want to buy a property. But if we talk about family and love affairs, then there can be some problems in this matter. Be patient.


The people of the Leo zodiac have to be cautious about their careers at this time. With your talk or action, your colleague can make some dangerous plans for you. So you have to be good with your colleagues. In addition, your relationship with your father may come under stress. Be patient. But the family environment will be good and there will be cooperation. Do not worry too much about health.


Mercury retrograde will cause problems in some cases for the natives of Virgo. You may have some stress in the family. One can see its effect on married life too. But if we talk about the money side, it is going to be auspicious for this. You will gain money. With this, you can have many new friends.


Mercury retrograde in your zodiac sign is going to be beneficial for you in many ways. You will get good luck till the period of sale. But you have to work hard to get success. With this, you will take time to be confident about some work at the workplace. Whether or not the work is done properly, I will also check it again and again, which is good for you. Along with this, you can take short trips. You will get support from the father also.


Jyotishacharya says that the retrograde position of Mercury is indicating an increase in your expenses, which can worsen your financial situation. So you should be careful while spending money. With this, suddenly you may have to go on a journey. Due to which your budget can also be shaken. Talking about your health, you need to pay attention to your health until the end of the period. There can also be a debate. It will not be good for you to get involved with anyone. Be alert from opponents.


This astrological event is going to be good for the people of Sagittarius. You will get support and benefit from your spouse. With this, your relationship with your partner will be better. Talk about your career, you will get the support of colleagues and senior officers at the workplace too. Which will increase your position and reputation. Time will also be good for traders. Money is a sign of profit. For those involved in education, time can be uphill.


Mercury retrograde is going to be good for the Capricorns. It will have a good effect on the aspect of work for the family. Talk of work, time will support you. Your value will increase in the workplace. Your superiors will be on your side. You may be assigned a major task. With this, your position may also increase. This period is also going to give auspicious results for the family. Family synergy will increase. Mutual relations will be stronger.


Mercury retrograde is common for Aquarius people. But it will have good benefits in some aspects. The tensions in the family will decrease. The natives who are having a dispute with their partner will be reduced. Stress will end with the partner. This desire of the natives who wish to pursue higher education can be fulfilled. There may be some trips, which will be beneficial for you.


Mercury retrograde is not giving a good sign for people. They will gain money but your worries will increase. Which will have an impact on your married life to work and business. So you have to be patient at this time. Problems may have to be faced. But you can improve it with your understanding. Health can also change. Therefore you need to pay attention to health as well.


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