Karni Mata Temple – Here are the children of Mother

Karni Mata Temple

Karni Mata Temple – Here are the children of Mother – Panditji says that though Mushak is a ride of Ganesh Ji, due to which we can express our reverence in him. But usually disturbed by the disturbance caused by mice from home to the farm, the rats are considered inauspicious. Even rats were said to cause catastrophic diseases like the plague.

In such a situation, can you imagine that mice would be worshiped in a temple, that too, not one or two whole 20 thousand mice? Not only worship but false offerings of these rats are also given to the devotees. It is surprising to her that to date there is neither any kind of foul smell in this temple nor the victims of any kind of disease, there have been people eating false offerings of mice.

If you are not sure about this, then you can see this view in the temple of Karni Mata, located in Deshnok, about 30 kilometers from Bikaner in Rajasthan. This temple of Karani Mata is also known as the Mushak temple, the temple with rats.

Story of Karni Mata

Karni Mata is considered to be an incarnation of Mother Jagadamba. He was born in 1387 in a Baran family. His childhood name was Righubai. He was married to Kipoji Charan of Sathika village, but sometime after his marriage, his mind got bored with the worldly life, so after marrying his younger sister Gulab to Kipoji Charan, he got absorbed in devotion to his mother and started serving people. Due to his supernatural, miraculous, and public welfare works, people started worshiping him as Karani Mata.

At present, where the temple is located, Karani Mata used to worship her deity in a cave. The cave is still present in the temple complex. She is said to have been Jyotirlin on 23 March 1538 at the age of 151. After this, the devotees established their idol and started worshiping them which continues continuously. Karani Mata is said to be the Kuldevi of the Bikaner royal family. With his blessings, the princely states of Bikaner and Jodhpur were also established.

Who got the temple built

The present temple of Karni Mata was built by Maharaja Ganga Singh of the princely state of Bikaner. In the early twentieth century. Such a large number of rats in the temple is the reason for the curiosity. As well as the excellent workmanship of the Sangamari main gate also attracts attention. The huge silver doors at the main gate, the gold umbrella of the mother. And the huge silver pouches kept for the offerings of mice also attract devotees.

Mice are considered children of Karni Mata

Jyotishacharya says that the rats living in the temple are considered to be the offspring of the mother. According to the legend, Lakshman, the step-son of Karani Mata, drowned in an attempt to drink water at Kapil Sarovar in Kolayat. When Karni Mata came to know about this, she prayed to Yamaraja to bring him alive. At first, Yamraj expressed his inability but then he was forced to revive as a rat.

At the same time, if you look at the folk songs of Bikaner, then a different story of mice seems to be there. According to these songs, once an army of 20 thousand soldiers attacked Deshnok, Mata kept her great army in his service by making him a rat.

Good ominous beliefs related to mice

The temple of rats is completely ruled by a monopoly. As soon as you enter the temple, you will see rats everywhere. You have to keep blowing every step. It is considered inauspicious for a rat to come under your foot. At the same time, passing the rat over your leg is very auspicious. These mice also have some white rats. It is believed that whoever saw the white mouse, his wish will definitely be fulfilled.

Another special thing about the temple rats is that during the Mangala Aarti at 5 in the morning and the evening Aarti at 7 in the evening, most of the rats come out of their bills. These mice are called Kaaba. The rats, which are offered to the mother, are first eaten by the rats and then distributed. In order to protect the mice from eagles, vultures, and other animals, a fine mesh is also installed on the open places of the temple.


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