Gopashtami 2020 date Muhurta and fast story

Gopashtami 2020 date Muhurta and fast story

Gopashtami 2020 date Muhurta and fast story – Gopashtami is a major festival of Indian culture in Braj. Because of protecting the cows, Lord Krishna’s popular name was ‘Govind’. Kartik Shukla Paksha, from Pratipada to Saptami Tithi, held Govardhan Parvat to protect Go-Gop-Gopis. From this time, the festival of Goposhtami was celebrated on Ashtami, which has been going on till now. In the year 2020, Gopashtami Pujan is on 22 November.

Cow has a special place in Hindu culture. Mother’s status is given as the heart of a mother is soft, so is cow’s mother. Just as a mother gives happiness to her children in every situation, similarly cows also provide benefits to mankind.

On the auspicious occasion of Gopashtami, cow worship is organized for Gosavardhan in Gaushala. In the Gaumata Poojan program, everyone including the family attends and offer prayers. The worship of Gopashtami is performed by the learned Pandits. Later all the prasadam is distributed. All people worship cow mother and understand its scientific and spiritual importance and resolve to protect cow and increase cow.

In the scriptures, a law has been made to do special worship of cows on Gopashtami festival. Therefore, on the eighth day of the bright fortnight of Kartik month, the cows should be bathed in the morning, equipped with them and worshiped with Gand Pushpadi. After this, if possible, one should walk with the cows for some distance, it is said that doing so will pave the way for progress. Cows should be fed and their stage should be applied on the forehead. Doing this leads to increased luck.

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Mythology of gopashtami

Panditji says that according to a legend, child Krishna expressed his desire to serve cows from mother Yashoda, Krishna says that mother I should be allowed to graze the cow. Seeing a good time by the sage Shandilya at his behest, he also allowed her to take the grazing of the cow, which was taken out, it was auspicious day of Gopashtami. The child Krishna worships the cows, prostrates and prostrates.

On the occasion of Gopashtami, cows are worshiped by visiting gaushalas and cow owners, for this they are worshiped with items like lamp, jaggery, banana, laddu, flower garland, gangajal etc. The women worship Tilak to the Gauas by worshiping Shri Krishna before the cows. Cows are fed green fodder, jaggery etc. and wish for prosperity and prosperity.

Worship of cows on Gopashtami is very dear to Lord Krishna and is considered the abode of all the gods. Prabhatferi satsang is performed in the presence of cows on the occasion of Gopashtami in many places. Annakoot Bhandare is organized from place to place on the occasion of Gopashtami festival. In Bhandare, devotees receive the offerings of Annakoot. On the eve of Gopashtami festival, satsang-bhajan is also organized in many temples of the city. Devotees offer devotional creations in the night kirtan to celebrate Gopashtami in the temple. On this occasion, there is an influx of devotees present in the discourse and bhajan evening. Life becomes blessed by service and human beings are always happy.

Gopashtami 2020 date and Muhurat

Gopiashtami – 22 November 2020

Gopashtami date commences at 21:48 pm (21 November 2020)

Gopiashtami date end-night 22 to 51 minutes (22 November 2020)

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