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reduce weight

Motapa kam karne ke liye jyotish upachar

At the point when you imagine that you have put on a couple of additional pounds and plan to get more fit, the web shoots you with a huge number of choices and data about how to go about it and the different eating regimen designs that will be advantageous for you alongside the various weight reduction items and prescriptions. We wind up attempting a huge number of diet plans and exercise systems with different weight reduction products yet all futile.

So as to realize which plan will work best for you, you have to find out about your character and body type as not all things are intended for everybody. This where the astrological remedy for weight loss comes into a pretend for you! Each ascendant (zodiac sign has a body type, character, and dietary pattern. When we become more acquainted with which body type do we have a place, finding the correct arrangement of weight reduction diet plans, activities, and weight reduction items will get simpler!

Astrological remedy for weight loss

Astrological remedy for weight loss says Everyone needs to remain fit and solid. People are tremendously worried about their character and look. Truth be told, in this day and age, each individual is decided by his physical appearance. In the event that an individual looks great, he gets a warm greeting from everybody. Then again, fat or undesirable needs every circle of life. In any case, there could numerous reasons liable for overweight that causes an individual to feel disengaged from the cutting-edge world.

reduce weight

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Corpulence or overweight is certainly not a typical vast issue and it ought not to be taken in a lighter manner. Astrological remedy for weight loss says the fact that weight is certifiably not a medicinally demonstrated illness, notwithstanding, it is the primary driver of numerous different ailments, for example, diabetes, high bp, hormonal scatters, wretchedness, and so forth. Corpulence is only the high-fat substance in the body which is the mother of numerous infections. A portion of the principle of overweight or weight are:

  • Overeating
  • Genetic Disorder
  • Fast or Junk Food
  • Metabolism
  • Stress
  • Physical Inactivity (Lack of exercise)
  • Medications

Astrology And Planets Responsible For Overweight (adhik vajan ke lie jyotish aur grah jimmedaar)

As per Vedic Astrological remedy for weight loss says, there is a solid connection between weight increase and planets. It relies upon the idea of the planet and bhava that individual arrangements with such issues connected to overweight and fat. In addition, if overweight causing the planet joins with the fifth house, one may manage barrenness in view of the expansion in fat.

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Our planetary developments assume an extremely indispensable job in affecting weight reduction or increase factors in an individual. Astrological remedy for weight loss says, Be that as it may, a great investigation of the birth graph of an individual shows the position of the planets and their association in weight reduction or weight gain. Presently, lets an investigate the primary planets which are liable for overweight and corpulence issues.

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Jupiter (Brihaspati)

Astrological remedy for weight loss says, Discussing weight how might we overlook the planet Jupiter. It is the fundamental planet answerable for weight. Despite the fact that Jupiter gives us insight, it additionally liable for the extension of fats in our bodies. The planet Jupiter is liable for weight matters in the event that it is put in the sixth house it favors an individual and encourages him to get more fit. Nonetheless, the terrible situation of Jupiter prompts overweight, heftiness, fat in an individual. Additionally, it likewise causes fat in the stomach, changes hormones, and causes an individual to feel sluggish.

Moon (Chandra Graha)

Moon likewise expands fat yet in a positive manner i.e you will, in any case, look appealing. Besides, you will have tubby cheeks and delicate gleaming skin which make you progressively appealing and adorable. Astrological remedy for weight loss says, In any case, the situation of Moon in the first, fifth or ninth house shows the negative impacts of the moon and you will feel somewhat slow and languid while strolling. Then again, if your moon is solid will feel progressively vivacious and dynamic regardless of being fat.

Astrological Remedies To Reduce Fat (Vajan ghatane ke jyotishi upay)

Till now we have talked about heftiness and how it influences your body digestion in putting on weight. Which planets are answerable for corpulence or overweight? Presently we should discuss Astrological remedy for weight loss that you can adjust to lessen fat from your body and Astrological remedy for weight loss that can assist you with losing weight and carry on with a sound life.

  • Drink 1 liter of warm water after like clockwork
  • Try not to wear Yellow Sapphire Gemstone as it can exacerbate your Jupiter
  • To keep the Moon, Venus, Jupiter and Mars adjusted, don’t eat anything cold. It will assist you in reducing fat from your body.
  • Eat progressively green vegetables to satisfy the mercury as it is the thin fit planet and will without a doubt help you to diminish weight
  • Put some “Medohar” in warm water and take it 3 times each day to satisfy Venus and to diminish fat.
  • Abstain from wearing any sort of Gold decoration as it might influence your Jupiter
  • Wear the ring of “Ranga” to conquer the fat issue
  • Give some yellow desserts to poor people, it will make your Jupiter solid.
  • After each feast offers “Vajraasana” for 5 minutes.

reduce weight

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Vedic Mantras To Lose Weight (Vajan kam karane ke lie Vedic Matra )

Durga Mantra: Om Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev Par Vajra Pade’. Serenade this Mantra multiple times after each feast.

Agni Gayatri Mantra: ‘Vaishvanaraya Vidhmahe Lalelaya Dhimahi Tano Agni Prachodayat Tano Agni Prachodayat’. Serenade this Mantra in any event once in a day and you will see the ideal outcomes in a particular timeframe.

Shabar Mantra: “Om Rati Maharati Kaamdev Ki Duhai Sansar Ki Sundari Bhuvan Mohini Anangpriya Mere Sharir Me Aave Ang Sudhare Jo Na Sudhare To Kaamdev Par Vajra Pade’. Serenade this Mantra 5 times each day by keeping your looking in the east heading. It will without a doubt help you to decrease fat and have a sound and fit body.

Some different Remedies (Anya Upaya)

  • Try not to rest excessively, this will make you languid
  • Keep away from the admission of Sugar and Salt
  • Exercise for in any event 10 minutes after each supper
  • Abstain from eating Rajma and substantial substances
  • Abstain from eating Bananas, Sugarcanes, and Mangoes
  • Check your circulatory strain all the time
  • Try not to take a lot of pressure
  • Abstain from taking medications for little things
  • Eat Roti or Chapathi rather than Rice


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