9 Facts you did not know about Ravan

9 Facts you did not know about Ravan

1. Ravana and Kumbhakarna were incarnations of Lord Vishnu’s gatekeepers

9 Facts you did not know about Ravan – Ravana and Kumbhakarna, both Jaya and Vijaya, were the gatekeepers of Lord Vishnu. Once Kumar (the son of Lord Brahma born in his mind) came to meet Lord Vishnu, he was stopped.

This enraged him and he cursed Jaya and Vijaya that he would have to separate from his master.

Pleading for forgiveness, he was presented with a choice – either spend 7 lives on earth as an ally of Lord Vishnu or live like the enemies of 3 masters. He chose the latter. In one of these 3 births, he was born as Ravana and Kumbhakarna.

2. Ravana could not touch women

Ravana forced himself on the wife of Nalakuber (son of Kubera). As a result, he was given a curse that if he ever touched a woman without her consent, his head would be shattered into pieces.

After this incident, he did not touch women against his consent. This is the reason why he never pointed a finger at Lady Sita.

Nevertheless, he had to undergo a litmus test.

3. Ravana had ten heads

Ravana’s ten heads symbolized his expertise in 6 scriptures and 4 Vedas. He was also able to control planetary crosses and had the highest degree of knowledge in astronomy.

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4. Part Brahmin and Part Demon

Ravana was actually an evil king of Lanka but contrary to what Ravana believed to be a demon, he was half a Brahmin and half a demon. Ravana’s father was a famous and learned sage, Vedavyas while his mother was Kaikasi, a demon.

5. Embarrassed by his own wife, he eventually met his downfall

Lord Rama’s army defeated Ravana and eventually only Ravana was left alive. At that time, Ravana decided to perform a yajna. To turn the tables that were necessary to move him. Knowing this, Lord Rama sent Bali’s son Angad and his army of monkeys to interrupt the yagna.

Once unsuccessful, he again dragged Ravana’s wife Mandodari. To his destruction, Ravana still did not move. Mandodari then embarrassed him by saying that Lord Rama waged a war to get his wife back while Ravana did not even step in to save her. Finally, he left, interrupting his yagna.

6. He got his name later in life, and from Lord Shiva

Ravana wanted to convert Lord Shiva’s house from Kailash to Lanka. To do this, he tried to lift Mount Kailash. Lord Shiva, being the supreme lord, placed his feet on the mountain, crushing Ravana’s hand down the mountain with the help of just one foot. Ravana was in tremendous pain and revealed a roar.

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At the same time, he was out of such power and reverence of Swami and as an attempt to reduce the wrath of Lord Shiva, recited the Shiva Tandava Stotram which is revered even today). It is also believed that he used his veins to provide music. Impressed by such devotion, Lord Shiva named him Ravana (who roars loudly).

7. I could control the sunrise

9 Facts you did not know about Ravan – Due to years of penance and dedication, Ravana was believed to be able to control sunset and sunrise as well. At the time of the birth of his favorite son, Meghnad, he asked all the planets to live in the 11th house of the child so that he could become immortal.

Instead, Shani or Shani refused to follow his instructions and stood in the 12th house. This made Ravana so angry that he hit Saturn with his mace and imprisoned him as well.

8. Ravana performed a yajna for Rama as a Brahmin.

To initiate the crossing of the sea to take Rama Setu to Lanka, a puja had to be performed. As he had no Brahmin who was learned as Ravana, he performed this puja for Lord Rama and his army of monkeys. Apart from this, he also brought Lady Sita for worship as it could not be complete without the presence of both wife and husband and bless him. Ravana also suggested Lord Rama a good time to start the war and blessed him with victory.

9. Ravana was the grandson of Lord Brahma.

Ravana’s father was a wise sage, Vishwadeva, the son of Prajapati Pulastya (one of the sons of Lord Brahma’s mind-brain). Despite being half Brahmin and half demon, he was praised by Lord Rama as Mahabharata and even performed the Ashwamedha Yagna

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